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We'll release Carbonatic for iOS today ❤️

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Well here goes one final test before we submit the iOS app to Apple today. Wish us luck! 🙏🏻

Carbonatic shared

Nah push notifications not working properly. Notification settings not saving.

Good news people! Our iOS app is gonna be finished tomorrow 🙏🏻 Then it’s onto some serious testing. Bar any issues, we’ll submit the app to Apple on Thursday. Then it’s Android time baby.

Our network is not quite carbon neutral yet but we’re getting there!

Good news team! The iOS app has been 100% crash free for a week!

Just run through our bug tracker and we've fixed a ton of bugs over the past couple of days, it's not long now until we've got something to show you on iOS! :heart_boy:

For our American friends, hope the mid-terms are in your favour 😁 All the best! ❤️

We just pledged another €60.00 to our forest in Picos de Europa, Spain to offset an additional 177.78kg of carbon dioxide from the environment! Go team!

Advertising is poop, which is why there is 0 of it in Carbonatic!

We actually like the simplicity of our current three feeds - Home, Notifications and Discover. What do you think? 😀

We're still debating on what features we build into Carbonatic. I bet you don't use 90% of what Facebook offers, and nor do we! Ugly UI is ugly.

A safer alternative to Facebook exists, but we don’t have the huge feature set yet 😢. Still, you should come and join us!

Our about site is complete! 100x better than the last and should clearly explain what we’re doing! What do you think? 😍