We're kind of social media fans.

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We like that social networks connect everyone. They make personal life just a little more pleasurable. And people can share anything.

Yet, social media has its problems. It's the internet's best way to connect. But it has barely changed since inception. It has never evolved.

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We get overwhelmed by too many people talking. The most important stuff gets buried. Our tone is misinterpreted and our thoughts are misconstrued. And we're addicted to checking our feed over and over again.

So we started a company to save social media.

We're worried that without fixes, we will abandon social media for real-time tools that favour speed over thoughtfulness. But we know there is a need for both.

This will be hard. We're starting small and trying to get the fundamentals right. At the same time, we know that social media's problems can be fixed.

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And then what's next?

Our founder.

James Downing founded Carbonatic in September 2018.

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