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Carbonatic Welcome to carbonatic.com

What is Carbonatic?

A social network with no ads and full user privacy. Plus we support environmental charities that fix our planet. Climate change is real and we’re doing our bit to help make things right.

Our giving goes as follows:

Social Network

Goal: For every 100 active users on Carbonatic, we buy 0.1m² of land in Picos de Europa, Spain, to plant trees each day. Each metre removes 178kg of carbon dioxide (CO²) from the environment. You can view our current progress here.

Achievement: We have bought 0.1m² of land and removed 17.78kg of CO² from the environment.


We have bought 0.1m² of land and removed 17.78kg of CO² from the environment. This helps to provide the next generation with a fighting change against climate change.

These stats are updated daily.

How does it work?

You use our social network, we remove carbon. Using Carbonatic helps the planet. We use the profits from our social network to plant trees where they are needed most.

How much money goes to planting trees?

For every 100 active users on the Carbonatic social network, we purchase 0.1m² of land and remove 17.78kg of CO². It’s that simple. The profits we make from the social network should cover those costs.

Where are you planting your trees?

We’re planting all over the world, starting in Picos de Europa, Spain, in partnership with Reforestum, where we are purchasing land and restoring original forests. Trees mean a happy environment and a healthy people. It also means the solution to climate change.

How does planting trees solve climate change?

You can’t avoid having a carbon footprint but you can counter it. Daily actions like how we travel, what food we eat, and how we power our homes all contribute to climate change. Planting trees allows us to capture your CO² out of the atmosphere. Through photosynthesis, trees capture this CO² and reduce the greenhouse effect that is the cause of climate change.

How is my privacy handled on your social network?

Unlike most social networks, we don’t sell your data to advertisers and have no third party trackers. We respect your privacy.

Where is the proof of your giving?

We know trust has to be earned, which is why we share a public Dropbox of our land purchases, and our impact can be independently verified on the Reforestum website.

How does the network make money?

Carbonatic will monetise its platform by allowing users to purchase a verified account tick on their profile. This is usually reserved for brands, celebrities and important people on other social networks. For Carbonatic, our users are the important people. This money is used to buy land, pay for development and keep our servers running. If you’re interested in purchasing a verified account, please email us at hello@carbonatic.com.

What are your social links?

Obviously we are our own social network so we limit our exposure on other platforms. That said, we have a Twitter profile where we post every so often! Twitter is better than Facebook and Instagram, and tends to abuse your data less. We also post carbon-based updates on our official Carbonatic account, where all our giving action goes down.

Do you have a blog?

Yes we do, it’s over at https://jamesdowning.org. It’s James’ blog but he posts Carbonatic-related information rather frequently.

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